Published : Saturday 20 September 2014
At its 6th edition, on 4 December in Sousse, Tunisia, the EMCC Forum 2014 will bring together business leaders, political figures, representatives from financial institutions, and researchers from Europe and the Mediterranean to talk about an emerging model that has proved effective in a period of crisis and unemployment: cosourcing.

Given the crises in the North and political and economic transitions in the South, the urgent challenge is to create jobs. A new productive partnership between Mediterranean countries needs to be put in place – a new deal, based on coproduction, which boosts economic integration and creates employment.

How can we encourage coproduction? What are the new, suitable areas to develop coproduction? What place can clusters play in the Regions? What measures could be set up to foster the diaspora’s involvement in these processes? What are the growth areas likely to create jobs?

Frontline personalities from the worlds of politics and economics will speak at thematic workshops and plenary sessions centred on concrete projects and operations, from North to South, South to North, and South to South, created by leaders all over the region.

To raise awareness of the issue among the top North African business leaders, the EMCC Forum 2014 is partnering up with the Arab Institute of Business Leaders (IACE) for the event. This international, independent Tunisian think tank is organizing the Journées de l’Entreprise in Sousse on 5 and 6 December.

EMCC: The voice of business in the Mediterranean

Initiated in 2009 by the Economic Foresight Institute for the Mediterranean Region (IPEMED), EMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Competitiveness Confederation) is a business leaders’ initiative that speaks in one voice and campaigns to reinforce the Mediterranean region’s integration.    
In setting out a manifesto, this major meeting on 4 December, organized in Tunisia for the first time, contributes to the emergence of a Euro-Mediterranean territory to convey economic, social and cultural change. The challenge is crucial: to boost growth and reabsorb unemployment we must speed up the indispensible transformation of the European economic model and open it out towards East and South..


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