Barcelona, November 22 2017 : Meda Week

From Wednesday 22 November 2017 to 09:00 to Friday 24 November 2017 to 18:00 in Casa Llotja de Mar. Passeig Isabel II, 1 08003 Barcelone ESPAGNE

Jean-Louis Guigou, IPEMED’s president, is happy to speak during the Meda Week, Edition 11, on November 22, in Barcelona. 

About the Meda Week :

The Mediterranean is experiencing great social, political and economic shifts, resulting in commercial regional uncertainty. These changes present an opportunity for countries on both sides of the Mediterranean basin to strengthen and improve cross-border cooperation. In particular, the region needs to work towards boosting competiveness while seizing the regional diversity the Mediterranean has to offer, including its vast social fabric and natural resources.

Despite its interconnected and dynamic history, the Mediterranean is today a highly fragmented region. It suffers from one of the sharpest GDP divides per capita in the world, as well as uneven trade models. In order to tap into the Mediterranean’s socio-economic potential, the business community should look towards furthering competitiveness through greater economic sustainability, improved resource management in agricultural and environmental sectors, and improved infrastructure.


Networking with a purpose: #MedaWeek17 is the opportunity to come together with a single voice of the Mediterranean private sector

The Mediterranean can also benefit from its current regional riches, in a way to strategize towards a progressive future. It should maximize its social resources – such as its vast human capital and young talent – and translate them into dynamic entrepreneurship and digital innovation, particularly in services. The region’s diversity should not result in fragmentation, but as a quality and advantage to: amplify and diversify economic trends, attract investment, and strengthen international cooperation between northern and southern Mediterranean countries.

Against this backdrop – and in line with this year’s claim “Strength in Diversity: Our Economic Power” – MedaWeek 2017 will address current challenges, while exploring new economic trends and solutions related to these regional shifts. In particular, MedaWeek will gather leading regional players and key experts who, together, will cover the following sectors:

  • Women Entrepreneurship
  • Islamic Finance
  • Solar Energy
  • Water Technology & Industry
  • Circular economy
  • City Economic Development
  • Textile & Fashion Industry
  • Magreb & Mashreq regions


All information are availble here  :

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