IPEMED : a Euro-Mediterranean think tank


The Mediterranean world Economic Foresight Institute (L’Institut de Prospective Economique du Monde Méditerranéen - IPEMED) is an independent Euro-Mediterranean think tank. It was established as a non-profit association under the French law of 1901 since its creation in 2006. Its main aim is to integrate the countries to the North and South of the Mediterranean via economic means. IPEMED raises awareness of the common future and the convergence of interest of the Northern and Southern countries of the Mediterranean. Financed through private companies, founding members of IPEMED, IPEMED adheres to the principles of political independence and North-South parity in its governance and operations. IPEMED accords priority to the economy, favors an operational approach to projects and works on a long-term perspective.

In a world of increasing regionalization, the Mediterranean countries should themselves construct a regional vision. The United States, China and Japan have elaborated strategic visions based on economic and political alliances with their respective regional neighbours (ALENA, ASEAN, +3). Large regional groupings between North and South are being created. On this basis, Europe and its southern neighbours should find solutions in proximity, interdependence and solidarity for the creation of an alliance that can impose itself in a world of globalization.

Genuine interdependence between the North and South already exists. Areas of solidarity can also be defined in the Mediterranean, if we accept to change the model.

Regional integration starts with co-development. If there are divisions over politics and culture, only economics can reduce the gap. Taking an economic approach is the best way to be understood both North and South of the Mediterranean.

In summary, the IPEMED project rests on three convictions:

- Mediterranean countries need to work together to impose themselves in a world of globalization
- Regional integration involves co-development and increased economic cooperation, with entrepreneurs as the pioneers.
- Euro-Mediterranean rapprochement is the key to building a sustainable, socially responsible area for economic growth

Produce forward-looking ideas, to develop diagnoses shared between North and South and among countries in the South.
Influence political spheres, so that they will implement public policies which encourage North-South exchanges and facilitate regional integration.
Open up and interweave ideas, to enlighten and convince the largest possible number of decision-makers and opinion leaders on the benefits of bringing together the Euro-Mediterranean.

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