Echos d'IPEMED

Paris, 28 June: feedback on the Board Meeting of MEDConfederation
Published : Wednesday 30 May 2018

Jean-Marie PAINTENDRE, IPEMED International Consultant, Kelly ROBIN, Project Manager, Farzan BAKAOOLLAH, Administrative and Financial Director and Michel GONNET welcomed the MEDConfederation Board meeting on May 28, 2018, in Paris. In the presence of: Jaloul Ayed, President of MED Confederation; Jaume Lanaspa, Vice-President; Latifa Echihabi, CDG; Senen Florensa, IEMed; Josep Ferré, IEMed; Laurie Dufays, WSBI; Mohammed Belmaachi, CDC; Marta Espelta, "La Caixa"; Halis Yalcin, Secretariat. The debates focused on two main topics: The preparation of the annual conference of the network which will take place on the 4th and 5th of July in Barcelo...

IPEMED, partner of AfricaLink
23 April 2018

IPEMED is delighted to integrate AfricaLink, the “community of entrepreneurs and economic actors focused on a “Europe-Africa” economic development strategy”. Based in Marseille, the AfricaLink network, supported by the CCIMP and Aix Marseille Provence Métrop...