Africa - Mediterranean - Europe: The axis of the future” - the new book by Jean-Louis Guigou and Pierre Beckouche

Published : Friday 22 September 2017

IPEMED is delighted to inform you of the publishing of the book “Africa - Mediterranean - Europe: The axis of the future” by Jean-Louis Guigou and Pierre Beckouche, published in the collection L’âme des peuples, directed by Richard Werly, by publishing house Nevicata.

This unpublished book aims to share with the greatest number of people the Africa - Mediterranean - Europe regionalization project that IPEMED has been advocating for years:
The future of Europe lies in the South, as shows the migrants’ tragedy every day. Europe’s and Africa’s destinies are linked, and the Mediterranean is the natural space of this axis. This vertical region of the future shows the common wishes, the converging interests and the possibilities that a better cooperation between Europe and its South could open over the next decades. At a time when fears prevail, this book is an antidote. Indeed, in order to understand ourselves and to draw up the future of the next generations, it is necessary to look ourselves in this incredible mirror that our Mediterranean Sea always has been for humanity.

This book features exclusive interviews, carried out by the authors, of:
Jean Kakou Diagou, founder and current President of NSIA Assurances, the first Ivorian insurance and banking group.
Radhi Meddeb, Tunisian engineer and entrepreneur, CEO of COMETE and former President of IPEMED.
Miguel Angel Moratinos, former Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Jean-Louis Guigou (1939) is an economist, a university Professor, a senior French official and an expert in land planning. He is currently the President of IPEMED, the Mediterranean World Economic Foresight Institute.
Pierre Beckouche (1957) is a university professor, an expert in economic geography, a consultant for the OECD and an associate expert of IPEMED.

Press contact:
Stéphanie Baz, Communication and Media Relations Project Manager; 00 1 56 54 30 53 or 00 33 6 74 04 35 92

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