Lebanon, March 7, 2019: Return on the lunch of the RDCL World

Published : Thursday 07 March 2019

The delegation of IPEMED was invited at lunch on March 7, 2019 in Beirut, by their partner RDCL World, chaired by Fouad Zmokhol.

The RDCL World (Rally of Lebanese Business Leaders in the World) is an association of businessmen and women with a common vision of the Lebanese economy. Elisabeth GUIGOU, President of the Anna Lindh Foundation, Jean-Louis GUIGOU, President of IPEMED, Éric DIAMANTIS, Vice President of IPEMED and Lawyer Partner of Clyde & Co, and Jean-Marie PAINTENDRE, International Adviser of the IPEMED, were invited to a lunch bringing together the members of RDCL World.

IPEMED and RDCL World agree on the idea that business leaders are an important lever for Euro-Mediterranean economic integration. IPEMED carries out studies on this theme, such as the report by Michel GONNET on "Financing Small and Medium-sized Businesses and Securing Investments - Major Challenges for the Integration of the Greater Africa - Mediterranean Region - Europe and the Deployment of the Co-production Model ". From its part, RDCL World organizes conferences and debates that highlight the importance of the Lebanese private sector and its influence, especially through the diaspora.

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