Mission to the UfM in Barcelona

Published : Monday 08 October 2018

Answering to the UfM's invitation to present the MED4Jobs program, JM Paintendre took advantage of the concomitance of this presentation with the 2018 regional forum celebrating the 10 years of the UfM.

This forum was co-chaired by Federica Mogherini and the Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Contacts have been made with the new leaders of the UfM: Nasser KAMEL, General Secretary and former Egyptian ambassador in Paris, Rachid MAANINOU, Moroccan, Assistant Deputy Minister for Enterprise Development and Employment, who has a mixed experience in finance and diplomacy and Laurence PAIS, French,Deputy Secretary General of Civil and Social Affairs.

Discussions were held with the regular correspondents of IPEMED within the UfM: Jorge Borrego, Deputy GS Energy and Climate Action, Miguel Garcia-Herraiz, Deputy GS Water and Environment, who mentioned a "water forum" in Athens in early November, Omar RAKIB, finance and administration, and Fawzi DIB, privileged interlocutor for the follow-up of the industrialization study of North Africa.

Nasser KAMEL

                                                          Nasser KAMEL, General Secretary of UfM     


Johannes HAHN

                      Johannes HAHN , EU-Commissioner for European Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations


For the record, a MOU was signed in 2015 between the UfM and IPEMED as well as a three-year implementation agreement, signed in 2017, to finance the Industrialization study of North Africa.

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