Two IPEMED's founding members rewarded SDG Pioneers 2018 by UN global-compact

Published : Thursday 27 September 2018

Two business leaders, founding members of IPEMED, were honored in New York on 24 September 2018 as part of the United Nations Global Compact program.


Jean-Louis CHAUSSADE -CEO of the SUEZ- group has introduced sustainable development objectives in the SUEZ development plan related to resource efficiency in the water and waste sectors.


Khalil DAOUD - President of LibanPost, private and exclusive operator of the postal services of Lebanon, worked for Lebanese women to have access to better jobs and be more involved in the economic life of the country.


You can consult the profiles of Jean-Louis CHAUSSADE and Khalil DAOUD written by the UN Global Compact.



Photos credit: Joel Sheakoski / UN Global Compact

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