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Jean-Louis GUIGOU Jean-Louis GUIGOU


Jean-Louis Guigou is a university professor and former delegate to DATAR (Spatial Planning and Regional Action Agency) (1997-2002). Since 2006, he has been Delegate-general of IPEMED (Economic Foresight Institute for the Mediterranean Region), whose objective is to use economics to move the two sides of the Mediterranean closer.

After a particularly brilliant academic career, he held the post of Project Manager in the ministerial cabinet of Michel Rocard (Minister of Territorial Development) (1982), then Project Manager at the Spatial Planning and Regional Action Agency (Datar) (1983-88). After a brief return to university education (Professor at the University of Avignon (1985-90)), he was Director (1990-97) then Delegate (1997-2002) of the Spatial Planning and Regional Action Agency (Datar), Inspector General for Education (2002-04) as well as President of the Institute of Advanced Studies in European Territorial Planning and Development (Ihedat) (2000-02). In 2002 the French Minister for foreign affairs gave him the task of identifying and promoting scientists working in the Mediterranean. He then created the Economic Foresight Institute for the Mediterranean Region (IPEMED), of which he is General Delegate.   

Jean-Louis Guigou is the author of several works, notably:
Une ambition pour le territoire, Edition de l’Aube (1995)
France 2020, mettre les territoires en mouvement, La Documentation Française (2000) 

Head of administration and finance

Advisor on International Affairs


Since 2009, Jean-Marie Paintendre has been an Advisor on International Affairs at IPEMED and an independent board member of several financial institutions in Italy.
He graduated from ESSEC Paris, and has spent most of his career in charge of international affairs in the public and private banking sector.
He was Managing Director for International Affairs at CIC-Crédit Mutuel, Caisse des Dépôts and Groupe Caisse d’Epargne - where he acted as advisor to the Chairman for International Affairs.
In addition, he has been a board member of Euro-Mediterranean companies in France, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Algeria, Luxemburg and the United-States, and most recently held the position of advisor to the French Export Trade Board (1988-2008).
From december 2013 , he is vice-president of MED Confederation , launched in Barcelona.

Scientific advisor


Pierre Beckouche is a graduate of the Ecole Normale Superieure de Saint Cloud, and Associate of Geography. He is a professor at Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University, where he was director of the geography department from 2000-2005.

His work concerns economic and regional geography. He has worked for local collectivities, DATAR and the Ministère français de l’équipement as well as the European Union. His continuing research concerns Europe’s frontiers, particularly the Mediterranean area, and the comparison with the major regions (North America, East Asia, the Euro-Mediterranean).

Member of the UMR “Ladyss” (CNRS/Universités Paris 1, Paris 7, Paris 8, Paris 10,, he is also member of IPEMED.

Recent publications:
2004 (with Yann Richard): Atlas d’une nouvelle Europe. L’Europe élargie et ses voisins, Russie, Proche-orient, Maghreb, éditions Autrement, nouvelle édition 2008, Paris
2008: Les régions Nord-Sud. Euromed face à l’intégration de l’Amérique et de l’Asie orientale, Belin publishers, collection Mappemonde, Paris.

Advisor for African Industrialisation


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Paulette POMMIER Paulette POMMIER
International Consultant - Regional development & land use planning

Jean-Louis RASTOIN Jean-Louis RASTOIN
Honorary Professor at Montpellier SupAgro,
Member of the French Academy of Agriculture


Professor Emeritus Montpellier SupAgro, UMR 1110 Moisa
Agronomist, PhD in economics and management science associate, Jean-Louis Rastoin teaches economics and business management SupAgro. Founder and director of the joint research unit Ciheam-Iamm/Cirad/Inra/IRD/Montpellier SupAgro, he was advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil and head of Renault Agriculture SA Plan. He chaired for six years the International Association of Food and agribusiness (AIEA2). It is national correspondent of the Academy of Agriculture in France.

Lawyer, Paris,


President of Ipemed since February 27, 2020.

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