Our projects

Since its creation, IPEMED has been striving for regional integration of the two shores of the Mediterranean, mainly through economy.

After having drawn up scenarios for 2030, IPEMED focused its activities on the Euro-Mediterranean convergence scenario that implies a deep-seated integration characterized by the geographic redistribution of production and shared added value (co-production processes), to reinforce the region’s competitiveness.

IPEMED identified high-potential sectors on which regional integration could rely. Around these sectors, IPEMED raises awareness, brings its expertise and proposes operational recommendations for public and private Mediterranean actors. Since 2014, IPEMED encourages a new opening up to Africa, mainly sub-Saharan Africa, underlying the need to evolve from a marginal to a central Mediterranean. It is about the promotion of the idea of a great global region Africa-Mediterranean-Europe,  “La Verticale” .

The Institute strengthens thus its position of think and act tank by reinforcing its capacity to turn reflection into action, to support the Mediterranean in motion.