Coproduction: an asset for the development of territorialised food systems in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa

Published : Monday 04 July 2016
Jean-Louis GUIGOU

As a partner of this initiative, IPEMED is pleased to announce the publication of the Journal Résolis dedicated to the MEDCOP, called “Territorialised food systems: Initiatives for responsible and sustainable nutrition in the Mediterranean”, which includes a contribution of Jean-Louis GUIGOU, our President.

Summary of the article (postface):

The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals highlight the issues of poverty and hunger, as well as that of climate change, that directly affect Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries. In order to tackle these issues, the concept of coproduction applied within territorialised food systems, as suggested by IPEMED, seems relevant. From a geopolitical point of view, a “Vertical” approach in the great “Africa-Mediterranean-Europe” (AME) region is recommended.

You can download the entire article below.

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