New coproduction study: companies from the Ile de France region and SEMCs

Published : Wednesday 13 January 2016

Launching of a study of the Mediterranean Coproduction Observatory on the interest of Ile de France companies for SEMCs

The economic development of the Mediterranean basin is a key economic issue for Europe and SEMCs. This issue calls for a better knowledge of the strategies implemented by European companies in the Mediterranean and, conversely, by Mediterranean companies in Europe.

With the development of coproduction, it seemed necessary to carry out a work focused on ex post qualitative studies on investments made in the Mediterranean.

At the end of 2014, IPEMED launched the Mediterranean Coproduction Observatory in order to analyse and support the evolution of this new model. The Observatory published a first macro-economic report on the new dynamics at work in this space, followed by a report on Tunisia’s potential as to the development of coproduction. The Mediterranean Coproduction Observatory is now launching a study on the appetence of companies from the Ile de France region for SEMCs. 

Funded by Bpifrance, the CCI Paris-Ile-de-France and the Ile-de-France Regional Council, this study will be based on the answers of about one hundred Ile-de-France companies, representative of the regional economic network, to a dedicated questionnaire. The objective is to assess and analyse the internationalisation of Ile-de-France companies in SEMCs and to offer recommendations to regional operators to boost this movement.

This study will be unveiled during an event organised in Paris in September 2016.

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