Foster energy interdependence and synergy between North and South

Energy is the economic sector for which the interdependence of Euro-Mediterranean countries is the most strategic and that features the most important cooperation potential between the region’s countries. Indeed, the energy transition and the management of climate change impacts are common challenges reinforcing the complementarity of both shores of the Mediterranean. On the one hand, European countries committed to increase the share of renewable energies in the final energy consumption, to increase energy efficiency and to reduce their CO2 emissions by 2020. Besides, as they increasingly depend on southern countries, they are trying to secure their hydrocarbon supply. On the other hand, in SMEC, the increasing demand in energy, that could triple by 2030, requires the implementation of new electricity production facilities, together with measures regarding the management of energy demand, even in countries producing hydrocarbons. These challenges are opportunities calling for urgent and collective action in the whole region in order to get tangible results.

The studies carried out by IPEMED on energy highlight the necessity to define a new regional energy partnership, which is not restricted to import and export, but which answers the energy security issues of the region’s countries and their common wish for sustainable economic development.
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