Casablanca, 3 October 2018: feedback on the “Biotechnologies” conference

Published : Monday 15 October 2018

The United Nations dedicated their last report on the development of water resources to “nature-based solutions” for water management. These solutions are “inspired by nature, rely on nature, and use or imitate natural processes to improve water management.” For example, a “SfN” could preserve or rehabilitate natural ecosystems and/or improve or create natural processes in modified or artificial ecosystems.

Beyond these solutions, the objective of the round table organised by IPEMED and ADEME within the Espace Afrique of Pollutec Maroc was to initiate a debate on “green economy” opportunities and the emergence of biotechnologies, from the presentation of two specific cases.

To illustrate this potential, Nawal MERGHOUB, Researcher at the MAScIR Foundation, presented the Biotechnology Department of the Foundation, and especially the works carried out on the use of micro-algae. These micro-organisms can be used for applications in the agricultural and agribusiness fields, for the production of bioenergies or for the development of high-added-value molecules for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. The WABA project, for instance, aims to use a consortium of bacteria and micro-algae for the bio-decontamination of waste water in rural areas.

Blondel MOUDIO PRISO, Scientific Director of EXOCHEMS ENVIRONNEMENT, presented an innovative and alternative process for the treatment of polluted hydrocarbons, the reuse of petroleum residues, but also sanitation and the treatment of leachates and sludge from waste water treatment plants. The microbiological solutions that were developed by this company, created in 2000, in partnership with the Institut Pasteur, are cheap and easy to implement.


The relationship with the industrial sector is part of the DNA of the MAScIR Foundation, that offers the company an optimal alternative to innovate in its field, while minimizing the risk linked to R&D investment. Willing to be closer to final users, EXOCHEMS created a showcase branch in Morocco for the whole African continent.

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