Energy efficiency and renewable energies, driving sustainable development in the Mediterranean

Given the energy, socio-economic, political and climatic challenges facing Mediterranean countries, the development of new large-scale energy production lines, especially of renewable ones, has already been identified as a strategic development line for SEMC in the report “Towards a Euro-Mediterranean Energy Community” (IPEMED, 2013).

In 2014, IPEMED signed a partnership with the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), on behalf of the Mediterranean Network of Energy Efficiency Agencies (MEDENER), in order to promote the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency, as the cornerstones of energy transition in the Mediterranean. As part of this partnership, two axes were chosen: energy efficiency and the potential, in circular economy, of waste management in the Mediterranean. They will both be the object of two publications by the end of 2015.
25th April 2014, Marseilles: Meetings of the Work Group “Energy efficiency” IPEMED-ADEME

13th May 2015, Paris: Meetings of the Work Group “Circular Economy” IPEMED-ADEME
End of 2015: publishing of the two studies initiated as part of the IPEMED-ADEME partnership