Focus on the COP22: after the MEDCOP, how to promote an energy transition?

Published : Monday 14 November 2016

Kelly ROBIN, project manager at IPEMED, was invited to take part in the event organised by Energies 2050 on the space of the MEDCOP Climat (Agora Jeunesse). She spoke on behalf the Mediterranean during the “Energy” Day.

Relying on the works carried out in the framework of the Mediterranean Energy Community and on the reflections carried out by the Institute, she particularly insisted on:

  • The necessity to anticipate the impacts of an increased energy demand in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries (SEMC): increased energy dependency, increased energy bill, increased energy poverty, increase in greenhouse gases, etc. to promote an “energy transition” scenario by 2040;
  • The necessity to develop renewable energies, especially solar energy and wind power, but also energy efficiency policies in every sector;
  • The importance of the nexus water - energy - food safety, etc. and of the assessment of the connection between energy and employment, following the example of the African Development Bank ADB) report on the topic; 
  • The benefits of a greater cooperation in the Mediterranean between academic, institutional and economic actors in terms of energy;
  • The awareness, training and strengthening of the skills of all actors, schools, local territories, etc.

These non-exhaustive elements stimulated the debates on a common energy and ecological transition in the Mediterranean, with participants such as CMI, Sunny Design, Terraotherm and Aaqius.

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