The digitalization of Mediterranean societies and economies

In this era of globalization, with its knowledge, or immaterial, economies, any debate on regional integration is bound to involve the current phenomenon of computerization (digital development). 

The transformation brought about by the computerization of contemporary societies and economies is comparable to the industrial revolution i.e., a historical process that takes place over a long period and aims to automatically process all types of information. This transformation is too significant to entrust its strategy and governance to national level alone. It requires a comprehensive Euro-Mediterranean Policy aimed at creating a common digital “.med” area. 

This Euro-Mediterranean policy needs to be devised with a co-sourcing rationale that involves sharing added value, a channel-based approach and, in the South, the development of content (programmes and software) and activities with high added value that call for qualified or highly qualified labour skills, which are available in these countries but currently subject to high unemployment.

This is the subject of current exploration and debate at IPEMED.