Five action programs

The work programme falls within a prospective action preparing the integration of these three spaces “Africa-Mediterranean-Europe” as part of a shared and integrated vision.

The La Verticale foundation will follow five work programmes that will be progressively implemented by IPEMED:

- Leading of a think tank on the integration of the Africa-Mediterranean-Europe region, in order to extend knowledge (multiple data, quantitative and qualitative analyses, cartography, data base creation, prospective scenarios) and detect current important trends favouring integration. This think tank will have four centres: one in Europe, the second in North Africa, the third in the Middle East and the fourth in a Sub-Saharan country.

- Leading of a transnational movement of business managers having adopted or planning to adopt the AME space in their activity, to identify and overcome the obstacles that could hinder their development and forward their message to political decision-makers.

- Mediation and influence encouraging a greater integration of the AME region so that political decisions encourage a deeper integration between the three spaces of the region.

- “Intermingling” of public, private and associative decision-makers, in order to identify high-potential actors via high-level thematic seminars and to create a network based on trust in the AME region.

- Mutualisation of strategic informations, on a reference platform where the most relevant information on the region will be gathered and processed.

Three prerequisites are necessary to these five programmes:

- identification of partners sharing the conviction that AME is a region in the making;

- their consent for sharing strategic information, based on a North-South balance;

- network coordination between the four centres to establish common working rules while benefiting from each partner’s specificity.