Publishing of the white paper on female entrepreneurship in the AME region

Published : Sunday 11 March 2018


On 18 December 2018, the Association du Notariat Francophone, the Coordination pour l’Afrique de Demain and the European Union of Women organised an event on the topic “Female entrepreneurship in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa: An asset to boost the global economy?”. ».

As a partner of this event, IPEMED is delighted to announce the publication of a white paper that contains:

- the summary of the event of 18 December;

- 40 recommendations and levers to favour female entrepreneurship;

- 3 portraits of female entrepreneurs.

This white paper (only available in French) will evolve over time, according to situations, as well as new economic and geographical dynamics.



- Philippe Mathieu, former Research Director at IRD;

- Jean Roch, agro-economist, former researcher at IRD;

- Roland Portella, specialist in business development, former Development Director at the Institut Français des Administrateurs, former Commercial Director at Finabanque Conseil;

- Jean Brice Simonin, specialist in woods and forests, former industrial Director;

- Urmine Gounongbe, Advertising Director and entrepreneur.

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