A future of deep-seated integration and convergence in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is a region in the making, subject to major uncertainty regarding its future, and often not perceived as an entity or a coherent whole. However, economic, political and human relations and projects are developing every day. They would gain from being put together within an overall framework, a common project for the future.

This future should be devised and shared by all those who “make up” the Mediterranean, which is the reason for a Mediterranean foresight approach. For IPEMED, forecasting is a way of identifying major trends and breaking points and then verifying whether they are sources of convergence or divergence. It is also a means of acting in the present to build the future.

In this Mediterranean future, several scenarios are possible (divergence, crisis or convergence). The Mediterranean convergence scenario is the one put forward by IPEMED. IPEMED is working for deep-seated regional integration characterized by strong, proactive political action, geographic redistribution of production, and shared added value (the notion of co-sourcing), standardized norms and regulations, and the creation of “four freedoms”, as in the EU. All of the thematic studies undertaken by the Institute attempt to feed into this convergence scenario and make it a reality.
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