Ideas to succed economic transitions in the Mediterranean

Published : Thursday 19 November 2015
Macarena Nuño

In 2015, the Center for Mediterranean integration (CMI) published the report "Economic transitions in the Mediterranean". This report gathers the reflections and the debates of a working group composed of economists and political analysts from both shores of the Mediterranean, mobilized on this occasion.

Nine subjects are highlighted. They are structured around four transverse axis:
- gradually building new value chains trough North-South joint manufacturing projects (coproduction dynamic) ;
- fostering development of the knowledge economy;
- supporting the rural economy and regional development;
- securing the mobility of people residing legally in the region.

Indeed, the emergent dynamics of coproduction, the rehabilitation of family farming and the implementation of territory-based food production channels, the implementation of a global framework allowing the development of the digital sector and passing from a logic of digital consumption to a logic of production of contents and digital services as well as the implementation of a more secure ecosystem for migrants through increased mobility, a bigger access to the labor market and the transferability and the continuity of certain rights are strong levers allowing an including and long-lasting development of Mediterranean countries and a deeper regional integration.

Several Institutes and think tanks of the region, amongst which IPEMED, promote these ideas. They are as many suggestions that can very usefully feed the new European neighborhood policy.  

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