Meeting on common values in the Mediterranean, organized by IRES in Rabat

Published : Wednesday 24 February 2010
On 24 February 2010, the Royal Institute of Strategic Studies hosted a study meeting on common values in the Mediterranean at its Rabat premises. The meeting was part of the “Mediterranean 2030” attempt to define in the name of which values a rapprochement between the two sides of the Mediterranean might be conceivable, given that such a rapprochement also supposes human mobility and a combining of ideas.

The Mediterranean Sea has seen the emergence of the greatest civilizations humanity has ever known. The people of the Mediterranean have forged specific cultures crossed by common values through which they recognize themselves. Indeed , far behind culinary tendencies and common social habits, these values, individual and collectives, undergo different mutations to the point that it becomes legitime to wonder about their degrée of perpetuity, adaptation or change, about their potential capacity to mobilisation in the perspective of the construction of a Mediterranean space of shared prosperity.

It is the object of this meeting.

An initial work session focused on the issue of values in Morocco and the Mediterranean, a subject that the IRES is already working on. It included, among other issues, a presentation of the outcomes of global value surveys and studies made on the theme in different Mediterranean countries. A round table followed, led by IPEMED, looking at the issue of common values in the Mediterranean in 2030.

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