Circular economy and harbour ecosystems in the Mediterranean

Published : Monday 11 January 2016

Publication of Kelly ROBINs article in the collective work Circular economy and harbour ecosystems

Kelly ROBIN, IPEMED’s Economic Studies Research Manager, was invited to contribute to the fourth volume of the collection Les Océanides of SEFACIL Foundation. This new publication was dedicated to “Circular Economy and Harbour Ecosystems”.

IPEMED’s contribution raises the question of the relevant scale to adopt for a better management of resources in the Mediterranean. It also questions the role of harbour spaces in the Mediterranean, between “global economic transit spaces” and microcosms of integration dynamics in the Mediterranean.

This analysis is based on the works carried out by Mélodie Merenda during a six-month consulting mission at Suez Sustainable Development Department. Her professional thesis was on governance and industrial ecology in industrial-port zones, with a particular focus on the Moroccan Tanger-Med zone.

Volume IV is available for free download on Editions EMS website

As for the article of Kelly Robin and Mélodie Merenda, it can be downloaded below (available in French).


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