Brasilia, March 22: REUSE in the “Africa – Mediterranean – Europe” axis: Territorial Impact and Search for a Common Strategy

Thursday 22 March 2018 from 09:00 to 10:30 in Brasilia, Room 6

In the Mediterranean region which gathers European, Arab and also North African Countries, all natural water resources are mostly transboundary resources. Consequently, governance, especially interregional management, is a key-factor to the right to water in the whole region. The risks induced by climate change as well as a certain number of common structural issues (water shortage, uncontrolled urban sprawl along coasts, etc.) raises the issue of fighting against but also adapting to climate change, applying the principles of proximity and solidarity in the region.

The session to be held on March, 22nd – 9:00-10:30 (Room 6) wants to highlight the potentials of an enhanced cooperation between African, Mediterranean and European countries as regards waste water REUSE; main topic addressed by the last UN Water Report in 2017.  

This session will involve some decision makers from all the regions represented in the World Water Forum: Europe, Arab Region, Mediterranean and Africa in order to exchange experiences and to define a Common Strategy as regards Waste Water Reuse in cities & territories, and beyond, as regards access to safe water and sanitation in urban and rural areas.

Among the confirmed participants:

  • ICLEI Africa
  • Loïc Fauchon, World Water Council
  • Veronica Girardi, DG DEVCO, European Commission
  • Eric Tardieu, IOWater
  • Corinne Trommsdorff, IWA Programmes Manager for Cities of the Future
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