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Energy challenges facing Tunisia
Published : Tuesday 25 July 2017 - Mariem BRAHIM, Nidhal OUERFELLI, Kelly ROBIN

This analysis was carried out by Mariem BRAHIM, Economist at IPEMED, Nidhal OUERFELLI, former Minister in charge of Economic Affairs and former Secretary of State in charge of Energy and Mines in Tunisia, and Kelly ROBIN, Project Manager at IPEMED. It was published as an article (see attachment) in the Economiste Maghrébin in July 2017. At the beginning of 2017, Tunisia reached a new milestone in its 2016-2020 national programme for the production of electricity from renewable resources. Indeed, the country launched a call for bids for the construction of several wind and photovoltaic power stations with a global capacity of 210 MW. In a country with great ...

Publication of the work on “The resources of the future come from the plant kingdom”
Kelly Robin

IPEMED is delighted to announce the publication of Claude SOURISSE’s work “The resources of the future come from the plant kingdom - Towards a new food, energy and material production system”, by Editions Covabis. This work mentions the study carried out by J...