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Towards an “agro-ecological land use” scenario in Tunisia in 2050
Published : Wednesday 11 October 2017

IPEMED is pleased to announce the release of an article written by Marie de Lattre-Gasquet (CIRAD), Clémence Moreau (CIRAD), Mohamed Elloumi (INRAT) et Leïth Ben Becher (Synagri) in the OCL Journal, on July 2017. Entitled “Towards a scenario “Agro-ecological land use for diversified and quality food and a localized food system” in Tunisia in 2050”, this article mentions the last report prepared by Jean-Louis RASTOIN and Hassan BENABDERRAZIK and published by IPEMED in 2014. Abstract: At the initiative of the National Agronomic Research Institute of Tunisia (INRAT) and the Agrimonde-Terra team, and with the Tunisian Farmers' Union (Synagri), a workshop on la...

Energy challenges facing Tunisia

This analysis was carried out by Mariem BRAHIM, Economist at IPEMED, Nidhal OUERFELLI, former Minister in charge of Economic Affairs and former Secretary of State in charge of Energy and Mines in Tunisia, and Kelly ROBIN, Project Manager at IPEMED. It was pub...