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Publication of the work on “The resources of the future come from the plant kingdom”
Published : Thursday 13 April 2017 - Kelly Robin

IPEMED is delighted to announce the publication of Claude SOURISSE’s work “The resources of the future come from the plant kingdom - Towards a new food, energy and material production system”, by Editions Covabis. This work mentions the study carried out by Jean-Louis RASTOIN, Professor Emeritus at Montpellier SupAgro, and coordinated by Kelly ROBIN, Project Manager at the Institute on “Microalgae: perspectives and contribution to sustainable development”. For more information on this work, you can visit the COVABIS website.   

Algeria tomorrow
Jean-Louis Guigou

Jean-Louis Guigou, President of Ipemed, analyses the Algerian economic situation in an article called “L’Algérie de demain” [Algeria tomorrow]. This analysis was published in the Algerian press, in the newspapers El Watan and Liberté.   The Mediterranean Wo...