Tomorrow, the Mediterranean. Scenarios and projections for 2030

Published : Sunday 20 November 2011 - Cécile Jolly, “Mediterranean 2030” consortium

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In 2009, IPEMED has undertaken, in partnership with specialised Euro-Mediterranean organisations (CARIM, CIHEAM, FEMISE, OME) an extensive foresight project whose aim is to rally, within the “Mediterranean 2030” consortium, institutional and private-sector foresight bodies in the Mediterranean region (Commissariat for planning from Morocco, Algeria and Turkey, Centre d’Analyse Stratégique, Institut Europeu de la Mediterrània, Mauritanian policy analysis Centre, University observatory of socio-economic reality
of Lebanon, Albanian Council on foreign relations, Ministry of foreign affairs of Croatia and Mauritania, etc.) to the task of building a common vision of the Mediterranean in 2030.

This foresight project has two objectives:

•    Firstly, a scientific and economic objective: elaborate joint, regionwide diagnostics and projections in the fields of energy, agriculture, water and the environment, population and migration and foreign direct investment. This would be done in collaboration with specialised Euro-Mediterranean organisations and with the foresight bodies of the Mediterranean countries;

•    Secondly, and more importantly, a political and pedagogical objective: to foster and encourage long-term cooperation between officials responsible for foresight, to disseminate foresight methodology throughout the Mediterranean region and to be a tool for decision making.

The works of the consortium are animated and coordinated by Cécile Jolly, analyst at the Centre d’Analyse Stratégique and Macarena Nuño, project officer at IPEMED.


  • The Mediterranean in 2030: routes to a better future.
  • Growth scenarios for the Mediterranean in 2030. (Cécile Jolly)
  • Employment perspectives in the Mediterranean. (Frédéric Blanc)
  • Migratory flows and demographic transition. Long term evolution and future scenarios. (Philippe Fargues, Giambattista Salinari)
  • Energy perspectives in the Mediterranean. Challenges and stakes for 2030. (Dr. Houda Ben Jannet Allal)
  • Food security and agriculture in the Mediterranean. Crisis scenario and prospects for 2030. (Vincent Dollé)
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