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  • Reinventing the Euro-Mediterranean process.
    Editorial by Radhi Meddeb, Ipemed’s President.
  • Arab transitions: which hand to lend?
    By Agnès Levallois.
  • Moroccan Solar Plan: Lynchpin of the Mediterranean Solar Plan?
  • MEDITERRANEAN 2030: What are the routes to successful convergence?
    Numerous Euro-Mediterranean figures took part in the conferencedebate organized by ipemed on 9 December 2011 in partnership with the Caisse des Dépôts on The Mediterranean in 2030, what propositions for better convergence? – the theme of a forecasting study recently concluded by ipemed. The work was unanimously praised and the various speakers enjoyed adding their own contributions.
  • IPEMED PROJECTS: Debates on Mediterranean energy policies.
  • Neemat Frem : “Ipemed can give newimpetus to Lebanese business”
    Neemat Frem is chairman of the Association of Lebanese industrials, the Indevco group, and vice-president of Ipemed’s supervisory board.
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