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  • The Mediterranean about to return centre stage
    Editorial by Jean-Louis Guigou, Delegate General of Ipemed.

  • Election fever
    In a period of multiple elections on both sides of the mediterranean, we must seek common solutions to avoid nations turning in on themselves, an attitude that attracts voters both north and south...
  • “Create an area of trust away from upheaval”
    Jean-François Coustillière, consultant, explains the 5+5 initiative and its role as a laboratory for Euro-Mediterranean cooperation...
  • Carbon constraint: Potential impact on the aviation sector
    Since 1 january, aeroplanes landing or taking off from european airports have been subject to a controversial emissions trading scheme...
  • Ipemed’s political steering committee: Euro-Mediterranean turmoil at the heart of discussions
    Political representativeness, the state’s role and the euro-mediterranean relationship featured in the debate. the aim: to inform deciders and stakeholders on potential avenues...
  • Ipemed projects : Spotlight on German industrials’ Mediterranean strategy
    To mark the release of its palimpsest on german industrials in tunisa, ipemed organized a breakfast meeting...
  • Health at the centre of debate and reform in the Maghreb
    To provide access to more affordable, quality health care, maghreb countries need to set up programmes that include south-south and eu cooperation...
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