Ipemed News N°3 > December 2012



  • Food security: we share a common future.
    Editorial by Radhi Meddeb Président of Ipemed.
  • Regional integration is key to growth
    By Agnès Levallois.
  • FOOD SECURITY IN THE MEDITERRANEAN : Courses of action to tackle this major challenge
    By Amal Chevreau and Sébastien Abis.
  • Euro-Mediterranean countries obviously complementary
    By Jean-Louis Rastoin.
  • Public health concern
    By Habiba Hassan-Wassef.
  • CONFERENCE: Food security issues in the Mediterranean
    By Agnès Levallois.
  • SEMINAR IN BEIRUT: Avenues for creating a digital Mediterranean
    By Macarena Nuño.
  • Réda Hamiani: “The FCE aims to use Ipemed membership to improve Algeria’s image”
    Interview by Agnès Levallois.
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