N° 8 > Public-Private Partnerships in the Mediterranean

- Edward Aoun, Michel Gonnet et Amal Chevreau


PPPs are a new type of funding and management in the Mediterranean zone and their increased use does not come without snags. Financial and legal frameworks covering PPPs vary from one country to another and
the kind of project that can come under a PPP is not always clear. Lastly, local private sectors appear ill equipped to accompany large-scale projects. For this reason, drawing up and adopting a standardized regional framework to be defined could boost the development of this kind of mechanism.

this report focuses on three issues:

• An overview of PPPs in eight SEMCs: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey;
• The main challenges and perspectives for extending PPPs in the Mediterranean;
• Suggested recommendations for all countries in the region to generate consistent PPP practice.

Contents :

  • Overview
  • Main challenges & perspectives
  • Recommendations
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