#18 > Durum wheat: from the organisation of industries to the structuring of a Mediterranean network

- Coordonné par Kelly ROBIN, Responsable des projets au sein de l’IPEMED


This publication, titled “Durum wheat: from the organisation of industries to the structuring of a Mediterranean network” (only available in French), aims to present the conclusions of the symposium that took place on 22 and 23 September 2016 in Bizerte on the following subject: “Mobilising knowledge for a sustainable development of the durum wheat industry in the Mediterranean”. This event, organised by the Bizerte Competitiveness Cluster (PCB), the Tunisian Farmers' Union (SYNAGRI) and the French Durum Wheat Platform, enabled to gather the actors of this sector (researchers, farmers, processors and institutions), especially from France, Tunisia, Morocco and Italy. This paper completes the publication, by the National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA), of the symposium’s works in a special issue of the journal Revue Innovations Agronomiques to be published.

It also follows the works carried out by IPEMED in favour of the “codevelopment” of territorialised agribusiness industries in the Mediterranean and of the implementation of a specific label for key products of the Mediterranean diet. Therefore, this Palimpseste, which is the result of a collective work, aims to encourage cooperation in the durum wheat sector in the Mediterranean.


The authors:

Abdelkamel ALLAOUA (INRA)
Leith BEN BECHER (Tunisian Farmers' Union — Synagri)
Mohamed ELLOUMI (INRA Tunisia)
Samia GHARBI (Bizerte Competitiveness Cluster)
Christian HUYGHE (INRA)
Jean-Louis RASTOIN (Montpellier SupAgro and IPEMED)
Kelly ROBIN (IPEMED), coordinator


  • Strategic challenges for the durum wheat industry in the Mediterranean;
  • Identification of the durum wheat industry’s issues;
  • How to boost the durum wheat industries in the Mediterranean?
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