N° 7 > Confidence in the Mediterranean digital society. Steps towards a med. area

- Bouchra Boulouiz, Emmanuele Carboni, Nassim Kerdjoudj, Yamina Mathlouthi, Laurent Ponthou et Giuseppe Richeri Coordonné par : Laurent Gille, Wahiba Hammaoui et Pierre Musso


The Mediterranean area has been defined as a liquid continent with solid frontiers and mobile inhabitants by Bruno Etienne. This inland sea unites more than it separates, as the last three millennia have shown. From North to South and East to West, the societies that border it have woven close cultural, religious, social and economic links.

A look at these economic links quickly raises the question of their nature and intensity. We know that the quality of ties influences the intensity of the exchanges that characterize them.

One of the ways of judging the quality of a relationship is by the degree of trust that each party places in the other. The stronger that trust is, the more significant the exchanges that bring about these links will be, and reciprocally, since significant and recurring exchanges reduce the aversion to risk and generate trust.

The authors :

This publication sums up a report by the working group comprising: Bouchra Boulouiz, researcher, writer, president of Forcom, Morocco Emmanuele Carboni, vice-president of Telecom Italia, Italy Nassim Kerdjoudj, managing director of Net Skills, Algeria Yamina Mathlouthi, associate researcher at the Research Institute on Contemporary Maghreb (Tunisia), economist at the Agence française de développement, Tunis Laurent Ponthou, Orange – France Telecom group, France Giuseppe Richeri, university professor of information and communication, Facoltà di Scienze della comunicazione, Lugano, Switzerland Coordinated by: Laurent Gille, economist, lecturer at Télécom Paris-Tech Wahiba Hammaoui, PhD student at Télécom Paris Tech Pierre Musso, lecturer at Rennes University and Télécom Paris Tech


  • Trust and digitizing exchanges
  • Digital trust and governance: the Arab Spring
  • ICT development in the Mediterranean
  • Recommendations
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