N° 9 > September 2011 : Cereal grains in the Mediterranean

- Edward Aoun, Amal Chevreau.


This palimpsest considers Mediterranean cereal grains in the context of food security. In the Mediterranean region, cereal grains are a strategic product and are becoming a major geopolitical issue in the region.
In recent years strong food price fluctuations have impacted countries’ GDP and most of all make the poorest populations vulnerable, as they spend the major part of their income on food.
With a strong deficit and dependency on cereal imports, a state of food insecurity prevails in the region. A number of initiatives should be launched to prevent the situation for SEMCs from getting worse.
Several approaches according to different scenarios allow for the elaboration of “possible futures” in the region. To minimize the adverse effects, different action plans have been launched. All relevant actors should be mobilized to secure supplies and promote reinforced Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.


Edward Aoun. Master 2 Development and management of international projects. In particular he has studied the impact of the financial sector on reducing poverty in developing countries. Amal Chevreau. Graduate in public law who specializes in political science. She is the IPEMED project manager for agriculture, finance and decentralized cooperation. She worked for more than 10 years with development agencies in Morocco.

S U M M A R Y :

  • Outline of the situation
  • Principal challenges and prospects
  • Recommendations
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