N°5 > Mediterranean-based training on energy and sustainable development

- Abdelnour Keramane


In these working papers, IPEMED gives an overview of existing training and future requirements in the Mediterranean in the areas of energy and sustainable development.

Energy is the domain in which Euro-Mediterranean construction is the most advanced, strategic and penetrating. A detailed energy map of the Mediterranean basin shows an impressive and growing number of oil, gas and electricity infrastructures linking the two sides.

For decades, numerous structures, institutions, and associations for coordination and debate have been working with the aim of reinforcing energy cooperation in the Mediterranean. Yet this approach needs to be accompanied by a daring policy of industrial partnership in the sectors of construction and energy equipment manufacture. When designing and carrying out projects, the focus should be on reinforcing local industrial, technological and scientific capabilities, to avoid the pitfall of accomplished projects and increased trade translating into deeper inequalities between North and South. Common training programmes should be put in place in every area of the energy field, supported by joint research and development programmes, and schemes to promote local skills in engineering, manufacture and innovation.

The author

Abdelnour Keramane. Founder and director of publication of the review MedEnergie, formerly managing director of Sonelgaz and Algerian Minister for Industry and Mines.


  • The energy future
  • Training demand
  • Overview: France, Italy, Algeria, Egypt,
  • Libya, Morocco, Tunisia
  • Recommendations
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