A food industry and rural pact for Euro-Mediterranean regional integration

- Christian Dubreuil, Jean-Louis Rastoin

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The food industry is vital for human beings and likely to be at the root of a range of crises centring on security, health and humanitarian issues, making it a major political priority, if not the biggest. “No domain involves the same number of emergencies and implications as the food industry,” claim Chrisian Dubreuil and Jean-Louis Rastoin, the coordinators of the working group set up by Ipemed to debate potential solutions for including agriculture in the project to bring the two sides of the Mediterranean closer together. “Encompassing all activities that process raw materials for human consumption, the food industry has become a leading sector in contemporary food systems because of its socio-economic and technical role,” the two experts also note.

This paper is the fruit of debate and reflection by the working group set up by the Economic Foresight Institute for the Mediterranean (IPEMED).

Working group coordinators:

Christian Dubreuil is an inspector general for agriculture at the Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries. An ENA graduate, he has worked as director of farms, social policy and employment in the ministry. Jean-Louis Rastoin is an agronomic engineer, and a doctor in economic science with a premium diploma in science and management. He teaches economics and business management at Montpellier SupAgro University.


  • The food industry, a priority for Euro-Mediterranean policies
  • Objectives of the pact
  • Instruments of the pact
  • Annexes
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