Energy in the Mediterranean: situation, perspectives, limitations and challenges

- Mustapha K. Faïd

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Of all the areas for cooperation, and potential confrontation, between the two sides of the Mediterranean, energy undoubtedly occupies a unique place. The challenges it poses and the numerous economic and geopolitical uncertainties that surround it make energy a fundamental issue that calls for close examination. This Ipemed Paper aims to give an overview of the energy situation in the Euro-Mediterranean zone and analyze the associated limitations and solutions.

The author

Mustapha K. Faïd is president of SPTEC Conseil, a consultancy and study firm specializing in energy. He is former vice-president responsible for marketing and economic development at Sonatrach, the Algerian and Mediterranean oil industry leader, and he has been managing director of the Mediterranean Energy Observatory (OME).


  • Energy situation and perspectives:
  • Concerns and limitations:
  • Energy, a driving force in the Union for the Mediterranean:
  • Conclusion
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