Renewable energy in the Mediterranean: a winning bet

- Sous la direction d’Abdenour Keramane


Structural or geological factors combined with historical and geostrategic causes have helped create an unusual energy situation around the Mediterranean. Energy resources (i.e. oil, gas and sun) are concentrated in the southern area, while the northern countries, whose consumption is higher, possess the human skills, technology, experience and finances. This distribution of wealth naturally tends to suggest inter-dependence between both sides, through common work, cooperation and solidarity.

The author

Abdenour Keramane is editor of the journal MedEnergie, which he founded. He has held posts as managing director of Sonelgaz and Minister for Industry and Mines in Algeria.


  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
  • The issues and challenges of sustainable development
  • Energy-consuming growth and carbon development
  • Renewable energy sources: high potential, modest achievements.
  • Favourable regional and international context
  • Potential developments
  • What is the future for renewable energy sources North and South of the Mediterranean?
  • Why should we develop them?
  • Drawbacks
  • Solar thermal energy: challenges in a radically changing market
  • Energy consumption has more than doubled in thirty years
  • Rational use of energy and renewable energy
  • Uses of thermal solar energy
  • Common denominators and disparities in development
  • The indispensable role of public policies
  • Controlling energy to combat global warming
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