The Mediterranean energy challenge

- Francis Ghilès


The future of the Mediterranean zone depends on more intense and wide-scale cooperation between both sides. This will entail rethinking the European Union’s foreign policy on South and East Mediterranean countries with a much higher degree of political confidence and mutual respect. North African countries will also need to overcome their divisions and avoid the temptation of riding it alone in order to clear the way for a common energy policy.

The author

With a PhD in economy from St Antony’s College, Oxford, Francis Ghilès is a researcher at the Center for International Relations and Development Studies (Fondation CIDOB). He was a journalist for the Financial Times from 1977 to 1995, covering in particular current events in North African countries. A specialist in Mediterranean studies, his articles are regularly published in the leading media (The Wall Street Journal Europe, Le Monde, El Pais, Le Monde Diplomatique, The Times Literary Supplement, etc.). As a member of the Strategic Board of the Young Mediterranean Leaders network (YML), he has coordinated several seminars on Euro-Mediterranean issues.


  • The western Mediterranean’s difficult energy partnership
  • The dangers of status quo
  • Key facts and trends
  • Regional realities
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