A “Mediterranean Water Agency” to move from strategy to action

Published : Sunday 02 May 2010 - Fadi Comair, Jean-François Donzier, Hervé Lainé, Eric Mino.


Even without the impact of global warming, the Mediterranean is already experiencing problems in access to water and sanitation that at times lead to water conflicts. Yet water could become the cornerstone of a high-level economic channel and an ambitious international cooperation programme that could contribute to making the Mediterranean a leading “eco-region” on the international scene.

The priorities are well known: water demand management and efficient use of water; improved local and national governance; pricing that is economically appropriate and socially fair; and legal and financial security of investments to facilitate public-private partnerships, especially for sanitation.

Since 1976, Mediterranean water issues have been at the centre of numerous debates, and yet results have not made much progress.

The Mediterranean Water Strategy can only become fully operational if a Mediterranean Water Agency is created. Its role would be to step up and coordinate the resources and actions of NGOs and institutions focusing on water in the Mediterranean before gradually being handed over to professionals working in Mediterranean hydrographic basins or other relevant areas depending on the countries concerned.

Authors :

  • Fadi Comair : Directeur général des Ressources hydrauliques et électriques du Liban, Président du REMOB.
  • Jean-François Donzier : Directeur général de l’Office International de l’Eau.
  • Hervé Lainé : Chargé de mission sur l’eau en Méditerranée au Ministère français du Développement durable (MEEDDEM).
  • Eric Mino : Coordinateur du Semide.
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