Coproduction in Morocco: Context, achievements and perspectives

Published : Friday 21 April 2017 - Martin FLEURY et Jea-Philippe Payet Cabinet R.M.D.A

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Managed by IPEMED and supported by Bpifrance and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Paris - Île de France, the Mediterranean Coproduction Observatory aims to qualitatively analyse the strategies, behaviours and expectations of Mediterranean investors, as well as the difficulties they face to integrate the social network.

The good knowledge of industrial and service strategies in the Mediterranean must favour coproduction development and highlight the shared benefit of this model in the value chain distribution.

The Mediterranean Coproduction Observatory carries out a mission of observation, follow-up, information and awareness with Northern and Southern public authorities and businesses, especially on future-oriented sectors.

This report - the third publication of the Coproduction Observatory - aims to analyse Morocco’s position in the Mediterranean macroeconomic environment as well as the foreign investment dynamics going on in the Kingdom. The objective is to make recommendations in order to support coproduction development and a better integration of the country in the Mediterranean and global economies. 


Foreword by Jean-Louis Guigou

Works coordinated by Thibault FABRE and Michel GONNET

With the contribution of Kelly ROBIN


This report is only available in French.


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