Establish trust : Ipemed’s five year review

Published : Sunday 01 July 2012


Ipemed, as a think thank dedicated to bringing the two sides of the Mediterranean  closer  through economics, produced and defended, with the support of figures from both North and South, a great number of ideas since 2006.

To take stock of its achievements, Ipemed publishes its first five-year review (2007-2011).

Ipemed presents its methods, study programs and structural projects (energy, water and sanitation, agriculture and rural development etc), its activities of communication and dissemination, its governance and  teams.

Finally, it reveals its main lines of action for the next five years.

Contents :

  • A word from the President
  • Message from the Delegate General
  • Ipemed’s project : Building a Mediterranean Union through economics
  • Ipemed’s think-tank output : Ideas for action, projects to tackle
  • Communication, dissemination
  • Governance
  • Overview of Political Steering Committee projects
  • Euro Mediterranean Competitiveness Council (EMCC
  • Ipemed’s team
  • Financial figures
  • Main lines of action for 2012-2017
  • List of Ipemed publications
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