Funding microenterprises/SMEs and securing investments

Published : Monday 26 November 2018 - Michel GONNET

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The problem of funding microenterprises/SMEs in Africa presents several challenges:
1. How can we increase the role of banks as lenders?
2. How can we develop sources of funding in the form of private equity?
3. How can we develop financial markets and the stock market?
4. How can we develop other sources of finance: microfinance, Islamic finance, crowdfinance or diaspora finance?

The objective of this study is to provide answers to some of these questions, taking into consideration the potential of co-production between SMEs on the “Africa-Mediterranean-Europe” axis. Co-production can be defined as a new “win-win” economic cooperation model based on sharing added value and transferring technologies between players in the North and South.

The report written by Michel GONNET on “Funding microenterprises/SMEs and securing investments - Major challenges for the integration of the great region Africa – Mediterranean – Europe and the deployment of the co-coproduction model”, with the support of the Union for the Mediterranean, AFD and Bpifrance, presents concrete proposals on both existing financing tools to strengthen and new tools to create to better meet the needs of entrepreneurs while allowing better security for funders.

The report is only available in French. The summary has been translated in English. 


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