Mauritania : A key player in Euro-Mediterranean regionalization

Published : Thursday 16 December 2010 - Maxime Weigert, Guillaume Mortelier, Sidi Mohamed Cheiguer


in joining the union for the Mediterranean, Mauritania has confirmed its commitment to an economic and social process that should lead it to definitively emerging from under-development. The path to regional integration remains a long one. The country still needs a great deal of effort to emerge: structural reforms need to be put in place, measures must be taken for macro-economic stability, security must be reinforced at every level, and investment has to increase so that domestic and external commercial exchanges can follow suit, until the country is capable of taking full advantage of the natural and human resources that constitute its immense wealth.

Report written by Maxime Weigert, advised by Guillaume Mortelier and Sidi Mohamed Cheiguier.

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