The Mediterranean in 2030 : routes to a better future

Published : Sunday 02 May 2010


It is uncertain what the destiny of countries bordering the Mediterranean shall be over the next twenty years. It might be decline. We might see diverging growth rates and different levels of participation in globalization ; or there could be convergence and definitive allegiance to a system of mutual interdependence from the three shores of the Mediterranean. The future is sufficiently open for all three of these scenarios to be possible. It is therefore reasonable to work on a hypothesis of convergence taking place, wherein European countries share a common future with countries South and East of the Mediterranean. What should governments and civil society stakeholders do to strengthen and accelerate the probability of convergence ? The Mediterranean 2030 project sets out 10 propositions.

The Mediterranean 2030 project, launched by IPEMED in partnership with specialised Euro-Mediterranean organisations (CARIM, CIHEAM, FEMISE, Mediterranean Energy Observatory), is an extensive foresight project whose aim is to rally institutional and private-sector foresight bodies in the Mediterranean region to the task of building a common vision of the Mediterranean in 2030 as well as to imagine which actions need to be implemented now so that the convergence scenario can become a reality in twenty years’ time. As Maurice Blondel once said, “One does not predict the future, one prepares for it”.

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